Tuesday, December 11, 2018

MS Graph API: how to list all groups where user is an owner using single API call

Sometime we need to get a list of all Office 365 groups where user is owner. It is relatively easy to get list of groups where user is a member using the following endpoints:






(First 2 end points work with app permissions while last endpoint works with delegated permissions). Unfortunately the same methods don’t work for owners. If you will try to user “ownerOf” in endpoints the following error will be shown:

Unsupported segment type. ODataQuery: users/{id}/ownerOf

However there is a method which allows to load all groups with owners using single API call:


Note that we’ve added “?$expand=owners” to the query string. With this additional param each group will be returned with list of it’s owners. After that yo may filter groups and include only those where current users is an owner. This is of course not so convenient and fast as above methods for owners but better than nothing.

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