Friday, December 14, 2018

Camlex 5.0 and Camlex.Client 3.0 for .Net 4.5 are released

Today Camlex 5.0 and Camlex.Client 3.0 were released. In this release target framework version of both libraries has been changed from .Net 3.5 to .Net 4.5 in order to simplify usage of the libraries in the newer Sharepoint versions running on CLR 4.0 (SP2013/SP2016/SP2019) and Sharepoint Online. Also with this change it became possible to use Camlex.Client in Azure functions (V1 which use .Net 4.5) – earlier it was needed to recompile source code with targeted .Net 4.5 which was not convenient. Source code of basic Camlex library is avaialble in Github master branch, and source code of Camlex.Client is in client branch.

Also both Nuget packages have been updated: Camlex.NET.dll and Camlex.Client.dll. With this fix it will be easier to use Camlex with newer Sharepoint versions.

Update: after performing release described above I realized that it will be more convenient for Azure functions to reference Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.dll of v16.1 (Sharepoint Online). For console apps it won’t add complexity since it is quite easy to redirect assembly binding there via app.config. So I released new Camlex.Client 3.1 which is targeted for .Net 4.5 and references Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.dll of v16.1.

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