Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sharepoint MVP 2013

Today I’ve got email from MS with congratulations of being awarded for Sharepoint Server MVP in 2013 year (I wrote about previous here and here). This is my 3rd award for last 3 years and I really appreciate recognitions of my efforts for community. Sharepoint is changing and growing, in the end of 2012 new version of Sharepoint was released and it introduced new approaches and new challenges for developers. Software which we work with become more complicated and from my point of view community ecosystem has crucial role in our work. E.g. in my every day work I use blogs and forums very frequently. And I’m glad to be part of community and share my knowledge and experience via blogs, forums, open source projects, etc. in order to help to other developers.

Thanks to all readers of my blog, and thanks MS for the award. See you with more findings and articles about Sharepoint, .Net, ASP.Net, MVC and other technologies.

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