Friday, April 27, 2012

Sharepoint MVP 2012

Year ago I wrote first non-technical post in the blog about MVP award which I got from MS for 2011. I’m happy to announce that renewed award for 2012. First of all I would like to thank community for recognizing my efforts, because this work is done first of all for and with Sharepoint and .Net community. And of course thanks to MS which supports community activities. I would like to pay special attention on contribution to open source software. I like OSS, I see how it helps people to make better software and try to take part in it by managing my own open source projects and providing patches for other projects. Even if we work with Sharepoint and most of time we develop proprietary software in enterprise world, there is always possibility to help other people and share you knowledge. Whenever possible I try to do it and appreciate when other developers do the same, because believe that it may make our life easier and better.

In new year I will continue to share findings, tricks, reviews, workarounds, hacks, etc, etc. which will think interesting and reasonable to write about. Thanks to everyone who reads my blog. Let’s continue journey in Sharepoint and .Net worlds.

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