Thursday, July 2, 2020

Sharepoint MVP 2020

Yesterday I got email from MS about my MVP status renewal. This is 10th award for me in a row and I would like to say thanks to MS and to whole community which gives me motivation and energy to continue sharing my experience and solutions from every-day work:

Sharepoint and MS ecosystem in general evolves: now we switched to Modern Sharepoint, tight integration with Azure which becomes more and more powerful. New technologies require new skills and experience so I think it is crucial that we will continue sharing our knowledge with colleagues all over the world. Global pandemic which we faced with this year introduced new challenges for IT world: tools which we build became as crucial as never before since people switched to remote work. Performance and stability went to the 1st plan. From this perspective it is very important to take part in IT community life by answering forum questions, contributing to open source software, speaking on events, writing technical articles and so on. Hope that my contributing helped someone and would like to say thanks one more time to MS for recognizing it.

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