Monday, July 1, 2019

Sharepoint MVP 2019

I got very exciting email from MS today that I’ve got MVP award in Office Apps & Services category. Although it is 9th award for me it definitely has own place in my professional life and I’m very glad that MS recognizes my contribution to community life with this award. Last year a lot of work was done related with MS Graph API and OfficeDevPnP. Many issues, workarounds and solutions were discussed during last year on forums, in blog posts comments, github issues, etc. Also I continue maintenance of Camlex library which simplifies creation of dynamic CAML queries for developers. Nowadays new technologies appear very often and they allow us to do such things which were not possible before. This is great but developers’ life don’t become easier because of that – we get new and new challenges in our work every day. From this perspective community role is crucial – I can’t say how many times I by myself found solutions for technical challenges in blog posts, forums, code samples, etc. Knowing on practice how important this work is I also try to share my findings, ideas and solutions with community. Thank you MS and thank you dear readers of my blog for being with me this year. Looking forward for the new year with it’s own interesting challenges and inventive solutions.

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