Saturday, November 4, 2017

Problem with reusing taxonomy terms with navigation settings in different term sets in Sharepoint

Suppose that we have the following sub sites in the same Sharepoint Online site collection:

  • /en – publishing site
  • /content/en –authoring site

And we need to use the same managed metadata navigation on these publishing and authoring sub sites. In order to achieve that we need to create 2 navigation term sets (e.g. Navigation.en-US and NavigationContent.en-US) and configure navigation settings for the terms:

We can’t use same term set for 2 sub sites because Sharepoint allows to use navigation term set for single site only. As we need to create 2 term sets anyway we would like at least to reuse terms from 1st term set Navigation.en-US in 2nd term set NavigationContent.en-US like it is shown on the picture above (in order to have less maintenance work). And here we face with the problem: it seems like that during reusing navigation settings of the terms are not reused. I.e. if we create terms in 1st term set Navigation.en-US, then reuse them in 2nd term set NavigationContent.en-US and then configure navigation settings in Navigation.en-US – reused terms in NavigationContent.en-US won’t inherit changed navigation settings automatically as we would expect.

Workaround for this problem is quite simple: at first configure navigation settings in source term set (Navigation.en-US) and only after that reuse terms in 2nd term set (NavigationContent.en-US). In this case navigation settings will be inherited properly. But if you will change navigation settings after that in original terms from the source term set – they won’t be changed automatically in 2nd term set. I.e. you will need to change them in 2nd term set explicitly.

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