Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Sharepoint MVP 2015

Hello dear readers of my blog. I’m pleasant to announce that I’ve became Sharepoint MVP 2015: 5th time in sequence from 2011 year. So this award is little anniversary for me and I’m glad to be with community all these years. Hope that my humble contribution helps people in their work and make the world a little bit better. Community work became part of my life, and it is not kind of real work for me, but is more kind of pleasure and a way to give something to people regardless of the countries, cultures, religions and any other differences. In our not simple time I think it is very important to keep hearts and minds open and help other people without waiting any compensations. Good that MS recognizes it, but I would continue to do that even without MVP award. Often people ask how to become MVP: my answer is teach to give, not only take.

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