Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Overview of Sharepoint migration tools which support O365

Recently we evaluated tools suitable for migrating the content from old Sharepoint 2007 to Sharepoint Online (O365). In this post I will share summary table which may help you to orient in some migration tools available on market. Note that on the moment when you will read this article prices may be outdated. Here is the table:

Tool Price SP2007 to O365 supported Requires server installation Comments

Quest (Dell) Content Migrator for SharePoint

$834,00 per 1 seat for 12 months Yes No For content migrations (documents, list items), not for whole sites

Quest (Dell) Migration Suite for SharePoint

Quote should be requested.
Example: minimum 250 Gb, and price per gigabyte is 50 €
Yes No Better for large and complex migrations. Quest tool is an OEM of the MetaVis product. Licensed per Gb
MetaVis Migrator for SharePoint Quote be requested.
Example (prices for 12 months):

1-50 Users            $2,995.00
51-300 Users        $5,495.00
301-2500 Users     $6,495.00
2501-7500 Users   $7,995.00
7500-15000 Users $12,995.00
15000+ Users       $24,995.00
Yes No The same as Quest migration suite, but with different licensing model (per seat and company volume)
Sharegate Migration tool $1,995 per seat for 12 months Yes No Better for small and simple migrations. However also supports PowerShell automation which makes it possible to use it for large migrations as well
Metalogix Content-Matrix

25 Gb - free
50 Gb - 1995$
100 Gb - 3995$
>100 Gb – quote should be requested

Yes No Formelly Axceller

These are not all tools available, because we needed migration specifically from SP2007 to O365, but not all tools support these platforms. However anyway it may be helpful for initial overview.

Update 2014-12-19: got new insider information that Dell migration suite is now licensed per content database (400€ per database if I remember correctly), not per Gb, so information about that tool in table above is outdated.


  1. Hi Alexy,

    Thanks for sharing such a useful list. Could you please add LepideMigrator for Documents in this list.

  2. Hi Alexey,
    The list with SharePoint migration tools is expanding rapidly. One more tool you may wish to consider is SLIM Companion. This is a 100% browser-based tool that allows users to uploads tens of GB to SharePoint (incl. on-premise SharePoint and Office 365 Groups_using drag and drop. See
    Paul de Jong |

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    Thank you so much for this wonderful article really!
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  4. Hi,

    Nice Compilation of SharePoint Migration Tools.

    I suggest you to add one more SharePoint migration tool with this list

    Vyapin's Dockit Migrator for SharePoint -