Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sharepoint MVP 2014

Yesterday I got an email from MS about renewal of my MVP award for 2014 year. This is my 4th award starting from 2011 and each year had something specific. Last year I wrote a lot of posts and articles about new version of Sharepoint and its possibilities. From the most interesting I would distinguish such features as cross-site publishing, managed metadata navigation, friendly URLs. They moved Sharepoint on the next level, but at the same time introduced many new challenges to developers and IT professionals. In my blogs and forums answers I tried to help people to overcome these challenges and I’m glad that it was evaluated by MS.

Thanks MS for the award and thanks to community for commenting my posts, downloading my open source libraries and for other support I got for my work. I’m looking forward for new challenges, interesting IT quests and inspiring development journeys.

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