Tuesday, October 25, 2011

VMWare became slow on SSD

Some time ago I faced with strange problem: I have SSD with 200 Gb, 16 Gb of memory and 8 CPUs. Who works with Sharepoint knows that it is not so big for development :) Also I use VMWare for development. Everything was fine until someday my host computer was hang. After that virtual machine became very slow. It used 12 Gb and 6 CPUs, so I suspected hard drive (Task manager also showed that there were many unused resources). However disk usage was also not very extensive.

I stopped all services, including Sql server which used IO operations very intensively. It didn’t help. Also I reinstalled VMWare tools – no luck also. I tried to defragment disks on VMWare guest OS, via VMWare workstation, also tried defragment disk on the host – without viewable effect. Tried to restart host without success.

Then I scheduled Check disk for the host OS (for guest it didn’t help). After restarting when Check disk finished work I started VMWare – and fortunately it helped. Virtual machine became much more faster (even faster before hang). This was strange keeping in mind that chkdsk utility didn’t show any errors or warnings – just regular traces. Anyway if you will face with similar problem try to do the same, hope it will help you as well.

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