Saturday, July 3, 2010

Speaking on LINQ-building in Sharepoint seminar in Microsoft

Yesterday I and Vladimir Timashkov were speaking on developers seminar in MS office in Saint-Petersburg. Vladimir made an overview of data retrieving in Sharepoint and summarized their advantages and disadvantages. I told about Camlex.NET open source project – show its internal architecture, examples of practical usages and how we worked over it. Also we told about our experience of participation in open source projects. In another sessions Vitaly Baum told about Linq 2 Sharepoint 2010 and OData, and Michael Arhipov told about custom implementation of Linq 2 Sharepoint provider. I think such meetings are quite useful for developers as here we can share our knowledge with each other and increase our professional skills.

I uploaded our presentation on the slideshare so it can be viewed online: Here is also link on Vitaly’s presentation:


  1. Hi Alex Thanks for sharing information
    i have one question will Camlex.Net support taxonomyField and TaxonomyFiledMulti type....


  2. hello Ronak
    yes - in one of tecnical seminar we discussed several new features from Sharepoint 2010 which should be included into Camlex and taxonomy field was one of them. Please post you request to - we will try to handle it asap

  3. Thanks Alex can i get Link of that Seminar.
    i haven't started working with Camlex yet i just want to green signal from you.
    I will post on codeplex for sure if i need to start in dicussion.
    Is Source code available there ?

  4. it was internal sem, so there is no public link available. And answer on your second question - yes, as Camlex is open source project, its source code available here: