Friday, December 6, 2019

Provision language specific embedded resources with Sharepoint project type in Visual Studio

In my previous posts I showed how to provision embedded resources automatically with wsp provisioning:

Provision and automatic update of embedded resources to Resources folder in Sharepoint hive

Provision and automatic update of embedded resources to App_LocalResources folder under Sharepoint Template/Layouts or Template/ControlTemplates sub folders

In this post I will describe how to include language specific embedded resources to wsp using standard Sharepoint project type in Visual Studio.

Let’s create new empty Sharerpoint project, add Resources mapped folder, add Test.resx file there and set it as Embedded resource:

After that let’s use mentioned solution from this post in order to include Test.resx to wsp package (by default Visual Studio adds only those resx files which are set as Content). If we will publish wsp package now it will look like this:

Now let’s add language specific resource

and also add it to wsp using the same technique as for default resource file Test.resx. Now our wsp will contain both resx files which will be provisioned to {hive}/Resources folder:

But this is not enough. When we add language specific embedded resource to solution Visual Studio produces additional assembly xx-XX\{AssemblyName}.resources.dll in output folder (in our example ru-RU\SharePointProject5.resources.dll). This additional assembly should be installed to the GAC together with basic assembly – otherwise code will use only default resources from Test.resx. In order to do it we need to add this assembly to Additional assembles list in Package > Advanced > Additional assembles > Add existing assembly:

(Don’t forget to add language identifier in Location field before assembly name – i.e. ru-RU\SharePointProject5.resources.dll, but not just SharePointProject5.resources.dll. If you will have several additional languages there will be several *.resources.dll assemblies for each of them. By adding language identifier we instruct Visual Studio to put them to appropriate subfolders inside wsp package).

After that both language specific resx file and additional resources.dll assembly will be added to wsp and will be installed automatically during wsp provisioning:

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