Monday, September 3, 2018

How to explore Sharepoint REST API endpoints

Sometimes you need to get list of available operations in the Sharepoint REST API endpoint. Let’s say we want to check operations available for /_api/SitePages endpoint.

First of all we need to get authentication cookies. In order to get them lunch Fiddler and open e.g. Sharepoint landing page (/_layouts/15/Sharepoint.aspx) which is opened from App launcher > Sharepoint. On this page there will be several REST API calls which will contain Cookies header. E.g. /_api/GroupSiteManager/CanUserCreateGroup:


From this Fiddler view copy value of Cookie header.

After that launch Postman and create request on endpoint in question: /_api/SitePages. In Headers section add Cookie, put value copied from Fiddler and click Send:


In the response it will return list of relative endpoint operations available under selected endpoint. In this example they are:

  • /_api/SitePages/CommunicationSite
  • /_api/SitePages/Pages
  • /_api/SitePages/PublishingSite

Note that this method doesn’t return POST/PUT endpoints unfortunately.

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