Friday, February 23, 2018

Camlex 4.3 and Camlex.Client 2.3 for Sharepoint are released

I’m glad to announce that today next versions of Camlex open source library have been releases:

  • Camlex 4.3 – for basic Sharepoint server object model
  • Camlex.Client 2.3 – for client-side object model (CSOM)

Camlex is a free library which simplifies creation of CAML queries (both static CAML queries when number of conditions is known at compile time and dynamic CAML queries when number of conditions will be known only in runtime).

In new version support for native float and decimal types was added. I.e. now you may use these types in queries explicitly without need to cast to double which was the only floating type supported before today’s release. And similar to double float and decimal values will be translated to Number type:

string caml = Camlex.Query().Where(x => (float)x["Rate"] == 1.5f).ToString();

will produce:

    <FieldRef Name="Rate" />
    <Value Type="Number">1.5</Value>

And with decimal:

string caml = Camlex.Query().Where(x => (decimal)x["Rate"] == 1.5m).ToString();

output result will be the same.

New packages are also updated in Nuget: they have Validating status now and will be available after some time when Nuget will complete antivirus checks.

And I’m especially glad today because this is the first release since Camlex got new home at GitHub (it was moved there last year from Codeplex since last one is discontinued now). Development of the library is on going and I will continue to do it more valuable for Sharepoint community in future as well.

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