Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Camlex has been moved to Github

Some time ago MS announced Codeplex shutdown in 2017. I personally liked Codeplex – all these years which it was used for hosting Camlex project I was quite satisfied with its services and functionality. But time goes on and MS made this decision which we have to live with. Regardless of Codeplex shutdown Camlex development will be continued and I’m glad to announce that it was migrated to Github. So the new project home is Earlier when project was hosted on Codeplex there were 3 choices how to get ready for use .Net assembly:

  • download it from Codeplex
  • install it directly in VS from Nuget (Camlex.NET.dll package for basic server object model and Camlex.Client.dll for client object model)
  • get latest source code and compile project in VS

After migration to Github Nuget will be primary way of getting binaries and of course it will be still possible to get source code and compile it in VS (project will be remain open source with the same Ms-Pl license). Issues and discussions were migrated together with source code and documentation (discussions were migrated as closed issues to Github with “Discussion: ” prefix: Migrate issues and discussions from Codeplex to Github). So let’s continue Camlex journey with the new home and will add more value to it already on Github.

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