Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fix “Console Configuration File Error: XML Exception: Access is denied” in Sharepoint

This error can occur on publishing sites in Sharepoint when you have site collection and subsites with unique permissions. The following fix helped me:

  1. Go to Site Settings of the root web site of the site collection and select Master pages and page layouts
  2. Go to Document library settings inside _catalogs/masterpage doclib and click Permissions for this document library
  3. Grant “Read” permissions for “NT AUTHORITY\authenticated users” (use “Give users permission directly” option when you will grant permissions. I had problems when tried to add “NT AUTHORITY\authenticated users” to Sharepoint group – this is another available option)

After that users will be able to successfully login into subsite.

1 comment:

  1. sometimes happen that user hasnt access to save webpart properties and then you will get same erros