Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Camlex.NET for Sharepoint released

About a month ago I announced (see this post) Camlex.NET project. Today we (I and my friend and colleague Vladimir Timashkov – his blog) would like to announce the release of Camlex.NET project. You can download v. 1.0 from codeplex: As said on official site Camlex.NET is a new tool for Sharepoint developers which allows to use lambda expressions and fluent interfaces in order to write dynamic CAML queries. By dynamic I mean queries which are built in runtime (although Camlex.NET can be used also to write static queries – i.e. queries which are created once and never modified). I.e. with Camlex you can do things like this:


Start page on codeplex contains quick start guide with examples of use cases. Also Documentation page contains deeper description of some Camlex features.

Currently we are most interested in community feedback on Camlex in order to add new features and fix found bugs. There are also some points in the plans for the future releases:

  • Add support for float, double and decimal native data types
  • Add more features available in CAML (e.g. <ProjectProperty> element inside <Value> tag) and which are not released in 1st version
  • SPMetal integration
  • what else?

If you think that some feature can be convenient for Sharepoint developers who will use Camlex – feel free to add comments here or on Discussion board on codeplex site

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